ACK... I've got a chest infection, not happy, no singing for a while :(

Finally living up to our name and doing an acoustic song, a live cover of the newest song from Sweet and Elite.

We did an interview with Everfree Radio on 4/12/2011 and they asked us to perform a song and we did this one. Despite having a chest infection then as well (if you listen to the interview there's non stop coughing from me in the back) I went for it. Didn't want to let anypony down :)

Check out their page for cool interviews with the voice actors from the show and other cool little things, we appear in episode 6 go check it out people :)

Yeah the quality is not to be admired but still a live show is a live show so there's not much to do about mistakes and quality :P

Song originally composed by Daniel Ingram!/Acousti...