Aviators + Bronyfied = PONYELECTROMETAL! So yeah, this is a Toastbeard song about an alternate future in which Discord was never defeated, and he now rules Equestria in chaos. This song is Twilight Sparkle's cry for help to Princess Celestia, as she sees the world being destroyed before her. This is her one last letter...

Bronyfied gave this song his metal magic, go SUB TO HIM!!



This song can be found on my album "The Adventure":

EQD?! Whoa...

Dear princess, I should have seen the signs
Chaos has risen again after all this time
Somehow I have to escape from
This nightmare of a world ours has become
What happened to the nation we all knew
We're crushed under Discord's rule
Where has harmony gone?
Feels like Equestria has been gone for so long

One last thing
That I've got to say
One more report
Before it's too late
I'm begging you to stop this chaos today
One last thing
That I gotta prove
One final goodbye
Before we meet our doom
Something happened to the peace that we all knew
This is my one last letter to you

I've tried to stop this on my own
But my friends have turned against me, I'm alone
So many, running and screaming
I'm crying out, can you hear me?
I refuse to believe that magic is dead
There has to be more than the conflict in my head
Dear princess, help me find a way
To defeat the chaos rising today

Isn't there something you can do
To save the world that we once knew
Dear princess, the lesson I learned today
Is that sometimes everything just fades away...

Vocals stem (In case anyone wants it):

And because some people have asked for it, here is a link to the album art: