OPEN THE DESCRIPTION OR YOU DIE! .. i hate this MEP so much ugh, i wish i never made this crap

Thank you to everyone that participated
WE did it in a WEEK!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you all have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
My first MEP done

the song used for this MEP is
Genorisoty Aftermath remix
( here is the link if you are to lazy to type letters)

These are the people who helped making this MEP
Please check out their channels
Stacy Beat

Princess Malody Sparkle Channel

My pony XD

This is how I made my parts to the MEP....
(I do all my work on a laptop with windows 10)

I downloaded youtube clips using

I downloaded music from Youtube to Mp3

I used Shotcut 15.10.06 to add effects to the clips

I used Movie Maker to make the intro and cut the clips

And thats it