Published on 25 Feb 2012 by OfficialBlaze2012

Original Description:

Thank you guys so much for your support this past week. It really means a lot to me.
I'd also like to thank Glaze(WoodenToaster) & Omnivore for being so patient with me and dealing with my random skype spam haha, (Too for being awesome).

Only last thanks to MysteriousSpoon for doing a the line I requested for the drop
"I made you a bass, but I dropped it.."
MysteriousSpoon's channel: (Dead Link)

Anyways, I did this song in special occasion for my 100 sub milestone. Unfortunatly It's not much, but I just thought I'd give you guys a little something since I was supposed to be on a break. Anyway, cya next time!

MP3: (Dead Link)
Completion time: 5 hours.

Want to donate? Donate to **** on paypal. All donations are appreciated :3.

PS: If you want the stems for any of my projects, add me on my skype (Blazefirelp) and ask me for them. If I get enough requests I'll simply put them on the video.