Hello everyone! This is by far my proudest achievement, I apologize for the lack of uploads but you know, school n' stuff.

This is based off the Rainbow Factory series which I am a HUGE fan of!
Thank you for your patience! *Brohoof!

Amazing art made by:
Go check them out!

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Vocal only:



Deep Integration within my circuits
That shocks my nerves right to the bone
My Pony mind locked behind these curtains
Whatever happened to my soul

But my identity has given me rebirth
And now my Plans have now been reassured

Trapped inside this dark Eternity
My fate forever will be gone
But there is only one certainty
They will be playing this old song

But I wonder where I'll be going next
When are all of the dots going to connect
This haunted factory has given me Remorse
But I guess for now the winds will take their course