sooo...guess I've finally caught up with the other artist becasue I've finally remixed the final song of the final season.

This one was fairly hard to do because there was no melody to start with so, I spent a lot of time figuring the best melodies for this.

I made a DnB remix because I see a lot of the artist made Happy Hardcore and I wanted to make something different. I had the idea of DnB ever since I heard the song. It was fun to make (just hard lol) and I love how it turned out. Hope to get an EqD feature soon ^^ cuz I think this one deserves some spotlight hahaha just kidding x3

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do ^^

Free Download (requested by Nocturnal Sunlight)

2 Possible remixes: Vinyl vs Octavia (from Slice of Life) and Equestria the land I love. Just mini projects ^^

Special Thanks;
iBlank2Apples - For the vocals
Spectra - For sending me iblank2apples's vocals lol
Skype Friends - for feedbacks and making this track as it is
Daniel Ingram - For making the original exist lel