In the darkest of nights, the rain will fall gently
The sky shall be without stars and the moon shall shine faintly
In the darkest of nights, she will arrive, a horrible shadow in the moonlight
A terrible evil wrought upon an undeserving land
In the darkest of nights, she will blaze through all in her path
Darkness is her nature and darkness is all that shall lie in her wake
In the darkest of nights, her roar will pierce the clouds
A sickening light will envelope her
The dark angel
Reaper of souls, merciless wretch
May holy fire sear you without end -- fly no more with broken wings
Fall once more into those hellish depths
Lest true power arise to guide you

Credit for the artwork goes to the very talented UzikiNoKaze of Deviantart:

I gotta say, this was a tough one.
Like, really tough -- the song took forever and LMMS kept bugging out with bit crushed sound, not to mention my video program decided to just not work.
It was a pain, but I worked very hard through all of this, and, well, I sincerely hope you enjoy.
I started working on this one two weeks ago...I couldn't get anything decent started besides part of what you hear now.
I wish I could've spent a bit more time on it, but honestly, I'm tired.
Not just of this song, but I'm tired of not uploading -- I'm back, guys.
Things are gonna be a little different, though -- one song every two weeks.
I'm feeling a LOT better thanks to that break, though, and I can only hope you'll stick with me and see where I end up.
You guys mean a lot to me, and, well, this one's on me.
No charge at all.
Hope you all enjoy.

320 kbps mp3.

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