~The mare from my dreams is giving me nightmares.
I don't know what it means but she's got multicoloured hair.
When she stands in the sun, a dream reoccurs.
And I'm not sure what that means either.~

Cherax and I are very proud to present our new EP: Wanting/Knowing francisvace.bandcamp.c...

Staring: www.youtube.com/watch?...
The Mare From My Dreams: Here
Waiting: youtu.be/0Cykl4J6tL4
Not Afraid: youtu.be/LU_TzSkrS6k
On The Tip Of My Tongue: www.youtube.com/watch?...

Luna: Cherax

Twilight: Francis



I’ve been staring at the moon,
for so long long now that now it’s here I can’t help but feel it’s too soon,
I’ve been staring at the sky,
I would have told you I didn’t understand, but now I know this is why,
And now I’m staring at her mane,
It’s right in front of me but I almost can’t believe how it’s changed,
And now I’m staring at her face,
It’s downright enchanting, you could almost believe it came from outer space.

Who could have foreseen,
the mare from my dreams,
would be the one to foil my plan?
But I can’t help but see,
a flame that burns like me,
just yearning to expand.

I’ve been writing every week,
Reports to the Princess but not the princess of which we speak,
I’ve been writing everyday,
It seems no matter how long I make these letters there’s always more I could say,
We visit every time we can,
I want to tell the truth to her, but I seem to fail again and again,
I get the feeling that she knows ,
But once it’s out I can’t take it back and I guess that’s just the way that it goes,

I begin to think that she,
might feel the same as me,
But it’s a truth that’s hard to face,
And I can’t help but see,
a flame that burns like me,
But a princess must know her place.