Here's a depressing piece that I've been working on during varying moments of depression, accompanied by amazing, and appropriate art by Ventious. I noticed I have a tendency to use Twilight Sparkle art a lot, maybe I relate to her the most.

Every once in a while I slip into some rather sombre moods, maybe once a month, or more if a lot is going on, and during these times I'm only motivated to make music that I feel at that time, and this is one of those songs. The first half "No Pressure", is meant to reflect a feeling of pressure, or stress, and the ironic statement of well meaning people when they say, "But no pressure or anything".

I winged the piano improv for the second half, which I called "Oasis". This is meant to reflect escapism, which is what I felt when I played it. After I recorded it, and my mood started to lighten up a few days later, I tried to re-approach it, because I knew it was rather sloppy, and I wanted to add more structure and discipline to it, but each time I tried, I felt too disconnected from it, and any attempts just made it worse, and got rid of the feeling behind it. I decided to just leave it as it was, as I felt I captured what I felt at that moment, and the sloppy playing is just a part of it. As Igor Stravinsky might say, "I don't want the sound of someone playing the passage. I want the sound of someone trying to play it."

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