All scary movies need sequels and grimdark songs are no exception. This is a thrash metal version and new pmv for my old song about the grimdark fimfiction Cheerilee's Garden, where our beloved teacher loses her mind big time. I'd kick myself if i never got this out for this Halloween as there's rarely any scary mlp music released around that time. I hope you enjoy and realize that you can push the stop button anytime you want to get off this ride.

Original version is here

The fimfic is here (and again its a good scary and gory read)
It actually has a sequel of it's own called Scarlett Harvest but it's debatable if it's as good.

Art thumbnail is by omnopoxyl337 omnoproxyl337.devianta...
Original thumbs by departed swaetshrit swaetshrit.deviantart.... who sadly is no longer active.
Demotivational (split sides of cheerilee is from) SkiddleZIzKewl
And everything else was screenshot and cropped from the show itself.

LYRICS are on my tumblr and they are also in the video for all the people who complained that they couldn't understand them for the first version. :P

First Remix

Credits and other info on the original here freewavemusic.tumblr.c...

Will get audio version up soon when i have more time stay tuned.

Don't forget my new album which is out now. More songs from that will be out soon after Halloween. Thanks to all who bought it and are helping me afford the Running of the Leaves convention. Love you all!

If you like the song let me and EQD know. I hope you do! If you hate it, well you pressed the play button right? :)