Anneli Heed and the Wasteland Wailers
Sky and Me

Sung by Anneli Heed
Music by Adam Sporka,
Lyrics and additional music by Yondy,
Background vocals by Brittany Church, and Yondy
Produced and mixed by Adam Sporka
Mastered by Yondy
Special thanks to Haymaker,
and Lukas "IvoryKeysADSR" Pavuk,
Cover art by ChiraChan, chiramii-chan.devianta...

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You know the view is best from up top
And the zero g feels so angelic
The world seems so graceless
But getting near weightless
Is the only way I’m complete

Engines roaring
Full throttle, I’m soarin’
Pushed to the back of my seat

No fear in stallin’
Tailslide down, I’m fallin’
Lightning shoots up my spine
Up to the red line, I’m free
When it’s just the sky and me

All of the crowd hoop and gasp with their wows
Slack-jawed, jumping, holl-rin’ at the gate

Hangers on pat my shoulders
Their jealously smolders with
Veiled attempts to deflate

They’ll say “you’ve had a good run
Work ain’t s‘posed to be fun
Grow up before it’s too late”

No fear in stalling, I’m free
When it’s just the sky and me

When you’re soarin’, your brain starts pourin’
Over words of voices that keep cuttin’ in
“Get a 9-5, be more safe, settle down
Can’t you be yourself with your feet on the ground?”

“Just don’t spend your whole life reaching,
Cuz before you’ve won, it’ll stop being fun.
You’ll get tired, and the climb'll get too steep”
So dive deep

The wind keeps on poundin’
I’m not looking down and
I’m too busy dancing with the squalls

No boss, just objectives
Like shattering records
Giving each aerobic my all

Streaks of blue and white there’s
Nothing like it
Swimming in my stratos-sea

Lightning shoots up my spine
Right up to the red line,

Even when it’s goodbye, and I’m
Falling for the last time
I’m free

And I hope someday you’ll be
Just like the sky and me