Instrumental (Backup Vocals only):





Okay, so this is my first remix ever. It was born from the idea of what the song playing in the ponies' heads during the gala would sound like, hence the three more or less distinguishable parts in the song; when they go in in hopes of living their dreams, when they become disappointed and everything goes to hell, and when they eventually realize that despite things not turning out how they expected, it really was the best night ever.

I'm gonna go a bit on a tangent here and say that I worked on this on and off over two and a half months. During this period I went through a couple of rough patches, and working on this was sorta like a safe haven where I could escape my troubles. I guess you could say working on this healed me, and I hope I was able to transfer some of that into the song itself.

Constructive criticism is always appreciated. :)

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro.

At The Gala was written by Daniel Ingram, who is awesome.

~ And The Rainfall