This song was inspired by Twilight and Azalea's relationship in Eakin's "A Stitch In Time" and "You Can Fight Fate".

A Stitch In Time:
You Can Fight Fate:

After the events of Hard Reset, Twilight is decidedly not in a healthy state of mind, and while it takes a pretty big intervention by her friends to remove the worst off the aftermath, she is still shaken. In time, she turns towards Azalea to help her keep her shit together (using her as her grounding wire, as she calls her), and with her help she is able to deal with all the ridiculously maddening things that keep happening around her. It's not easy for Azalea either, and it takes a while for her to even believe that she's up to the task of being there for Twilight, but they pull it off, annnnnd I guess that was enough to warrant me wanting to write a song about that. What can I say, I'm a sucker for that kind of shameless optimism.

A million thanks to Cherax Destructor for providing some intense singing. You killed this song and sent it to heaven, man. Show him some love!

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It hasn't been nearly long enough
But I seem to be doing alright
I was today; I made my meals

Some days I can't be sure
That I'm out of my curse,
that I can't go back again
I secretly hope I won't if I try

I see friendly faces from time to time
Some days it's hard to even stand upright
Some days are better, I even go outside

Maybe it's true that time heals all wounds
Maybe it works both ways
One fate for me and for the rest of us
where consequence is a novel idea
And it still feels like
another encore is a blink away
But there's something better ahead
and it's waiting for me
Wait for me

Along the streets that saw me die
The rain is dancing under the sun
It washed away all the blood and the death
and all that's left is all the time that is mine,
I can wait for peace to catch up with my head
For the surprises up ahead
For the decisions left to make
For all the love left to give

And I know it's been rough
And I can't say enough
And neither can I pretend
That I understand
But if you put your trust in me
I'll show you how special your time can be

And even if I can't know what it's like
Because your life's not mine
I can show you that I care
For you I'm always there
You have someone to help you see things through
If you believe in me I'll be good for you too

I don't want to be lonely
Well, who wants to be lonely?
When I feel like I'm falling
You can always lean on me
When the nightmares get to me
You will wake up next to me
When I feel too tired to breathe
You can steal a breath from me
I'll stay with you

Because in this timeline
we've got a shot at a happy ending
The rest can wait until tomorrow
Today I'll stay with you
And it still feels like
another encore is a blink away
But it can wait until tomorrow
Today I'll stay with you

I don't want to be lonely
You don't have to be lonely
I'll stay with you


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