For the Radio play Equestria: Hidden History:
Art by Pleonastic Potato:
Flute Performed by Amadhia

Yes it's pretty short, but it's meant to be an intro song, with talking over it. Also, it's the first song I have using the celtic style bagpipes :D

So here's a short song I'll post for November, I have schoolwork and my time is limited. I'm working on Derpy and Carrot Top Part 10.I/10.II (Both songs are much longer than this) and holy crap, I'm taking a ton of time on this one. I think I spent most of my time just going through all possible drum configurations, and to celebrate November for whatever your reason, here's a song.

I've been busy with Super Smash Ponies as well, given that I've completed a bunch of songs this past month for the game, with more stuff to come this year.

I'm also working on my own list of top 25 brony songs/musicians of 2013, and if you want me to create a video and post it on this channel, leave a comment below and I can certainly get to work on that. Otherwise I'll just post it in my other channel and leave this channel for music only.

But I always can get a song or two done every month, usually if I have the time, maybe even three. Usually I have about a bunch of songs and just don't release it because the song isn't up to par or I have to wait until a project's done, but you can expect something from me at the latter half of each month. I'm not crazy like those people who upload every week or everyday (That's just milking youtube), but I'll upload when I want to. Simple as that.

Anyways have a wonderful thanksgiving, I know I'm excited for the break and hopefully Derpy and Carrot Top's next song can be completed by then.

Also MLP season 4 is coming up? Oh, maybe a reaction video will be made on my second channel for that.