Enjoy your christmas present :D :D Yes I'm a cheap bastard

Something that's been a project since March, so that's, 9 months now? Don't think it's anything great though, it's, however, catchy, and I was going for a very dynamic feeling, and I'm happy I didn't brickwall this so it is kinda dynamic both in the mixing kind of sense and in the melodies kind of sense, I guess :D

I love this pic; recently found it, really cool! Kinda gets you in the mood to listen. I wonder who plays all the other violins and cellos in all these Octavia songs :S

As you can tell, this one is fairly simmilar to A touch of variation, with which I was planning to do a, sort of, collection of songs around Octavia, hence why this was started in March, and worked on troughout the year. Maybe I'll make some kind of a free Octavia EP in the future with similar songs, if you like them :) Encourage me, I'm lazy xD Or not, if it's horrible :D

Anyways, merry Christmas to all the Catholic folk, Happy Holidays for the rest of us, and may the force be with us.


Original art by gign-3208: http://gign-3208.deviantart.com/art/Octavia-332075395
-if you have a dA, go give the artists some love from me ;)

Download: https://eqbeats.org/track/3847