This is my first time testing out 60fps. There isn't much difference, since my videos don't have a lot going on visually. However, the notes' movements are a little bit smoother XD

Also, thank you so much for helping me reach 7000 subscribers! It's a pretty awesome milestone for me, because now this channel has officially gained more subscribers than my old one did! My old channel almost hit 7000 before I closed it, but it never reached that mark. Going back to this channel though, I'm gaining subscribers at a very alarming rate. I hit 7000 about 10 days ago, and now I already have over 7600. At this rate, I'll hit 8000 2-3 weeks after 7000. You guys are crazy!

I'm sorry this one took so long for me to finish. I've been getting a lot of work from school, so I haven't had much time to transcribe stuff. Anyways, here it is! Another song sung by the Dazzlings in the Rainbow Rocks movie! Welcome to the Show is still my favorite, but this one is pretty awesome as well. Up next will be "Let's Have a Battle (of the Bands)", then "Awesome As I Wanna Be".

There are some parts in this transcription that might sound off, but it's only because there are so many background singers. At first, I only had the main melody sung by Adagio, but it sounded too boring. Then, I included the backing vocals, and although it makes a few things sound weird, it was still better than the original version.

Hopefully, you guys enjoyed this transcription! If you did, leave a comment, "like" it, and if you haven't already, subscribe! :D