You are not allowed to re-upload my work or create a near-identical copy of my work. Remixes, attempting to learn how to play the song on piano, and covers are fine, but no Synthesia videos.

Synthesia version:

Intro by Arrow:

Visualizer by Frozen Snow:

This one took a really long time for me to make. Most of the song sounds like it's at the same tempo, but it actually isn't. There are dozens of subtle tempo changes throughout the entire piece, and it was really hard to take them into account. As a result, my transcription doesn't perfectly match up with the original.

The song itself is from The Count of Monte Cristo. The reason I've transcribed it is because Ink Potts made a MLP animatic with it and people wanted to see this one transcribed. It's a very beautiful song and I enjoyed transcribing and listening to it, even if it made me go crazy at times haha.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed! Next up is "Stronger Than You" from Steven Universe and "My Past Is Not Today" from MLP. Also, the third EqG movie is coming out, and I'll be tackling some of the songs from there. Not sure if I'll do all of them though, since MLP viewership has been dropping recently. If a bunch of people beg me to do the smaller songs though, I'll do them XD