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This once passionate person that I was before is slowly dying out.....

Welcome to the #ImpetuousViewWeek Release,this time im releasing the other album mix Internal Winter to you all today. With this as well all the previous released songs from Impetuous View are remastered and tweaked a bit for the album to have a new listening experience. Come back Wednesday or Thursday with the release of Angelic Delight (VIP Mix) in YouTube and the release of Impetuous View with the rest of the week releasing the new original songs and the start of Best of Pontronic 2014 #YearofTronicandZetzl
Listen and Download To The Mix Here:
/Internal Winter Mix/ (Total Mix Time 44:58)
-Angelic Delight (VIP Mix) (Time Stamp 00:00)
-Angelic Delight (Pace Point Era Mix) (Time Stamp 06:50)
-Lost Half (Time Stamp 09:38)
-Lost Half (VIP Mix) (Time Stamp 15:38)
-Coma Frost (Exclusive) (Time Stamp 20:10)
-Aero Sunflare Overcast (Exclusive) (Time Stamp 23:16)
-Aid For A Dead Affection (Impetuous View Intro) (Exclusive) (Time Stamp 27:46)
-Ruptured Changes (Exclusive) (Time Stamp 28:42)
-Adios, For Now (Time Stamp 32:50)
-Neverending Apathy Core (Exclusive) (Time Stamp 38:16)

About Impetuous View Album:
'Impetuous View' is a product of 5 - 6 months worth of countless thoughts,ideas, arrangements, personal views and struggles with the all player game called life. What started as a simple 2 Mini-EP for this once special someone I had in my life, ultimately became and 18 song piece describing my time with her, my depression and recovering realizing the fact I have to move on without her and hurting with 2 album mixes of all the music in the album.

To this day I never though I'd actually complete this album seeing as I put alot of emotion behind it but I'd love for you all to listen to the tracks I've been making for a while more.

Each song has it's own meaning, interpretation and story behind it and trying to be diverse with genre's from liquid dnb to ambient and trip-hop. You will find at least one enjoyable and if you can't then that's fine c:

This album comes with 18 Original song tracks,2 album mixes and a poster cause why not c:

Thank you for your time, your continuous support and listen. I'll see you guys soon.