This was also quite fun to make. I was hoping to go to 60 minutes then i realize i have a really short attention span.
Thanks flare for the visuals!!! :DDDD

Each song features for about 1 minute here, twice as long as the previous remixCeption song:

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Download this colletion of 1s and 0s (and 2s if you live in another dimension)

1: PinkiePieSwear - Sunshine and Celery Stalks -

2: Renard - Intensive Care Unit (feat. FIAB) -

3: Super Ponybeat — Discord -

*2 measure Breakdown, Starting 6/8 Time*

4: General Mumble - She's a Pony ("He's a Pirate" pony cover) -

5: Glaze - Avast Flutteryshy's Ass -

*2 measure Breakdown, Back to 4/4 Time*

6: The Living Tombstone - Cracks -

7: Aviators - Friendship - (Sorry Aviators, youre high-pitched :/ But i think you sounded cool.)

8: H8_Seed - Daring Mare - (Cheesey guitar solo alert! xD)

*Stupid 4 measure thing*

9: Alex S - Ultimate Sweetie Belle - (You will suffer listening to my horrible wubs. I literally have 0 experience with dubstep)

10: Coconeru - Pony Gangnam Style - (Yes its not a pony song but since its Coconeru/KanashiPanda, its now pony.)

11: ElectroKaplosion - Vinyl Rave - (I took a little freedom with the melody)

12: I gave up, so I just..... made a piano ending. lol xD This requires too much self-discipline to do... arghhhh