EQD featured! :D Thank you guys for stopping by! :)

Equestria must defend itself against the Changelings and other species out of the dark!

Well yeah so this is my second song that made it onto the album "Ponies at Dawn - Celestial Planes"! I'm once again very happy to have it there and to present you finally!

It's my usual dark approach on EDM and I hope you enjoy it! I think with the usage of growls I came once again a step further towards where I wanna be. This song had its difficulties but I was able to deal with em all eventually!

Now from now on I'll do a little bit of cross-promotion at the end of my songs! Simply because there're way too many amazing artists over there on dA out of our fandom and I want to give them at least a little bit of promotion and spotlight. I don't intend to change the world with this but I want to support at least a little bit.

This time I was thankful to get permission for that epic background so check out the creator!

But not only him! Make sure to also check out my friend who made me those badass visuals! He's making great music as well so go ahead and have a listen!

And of course support me and everyone who has contributed to the album with downloading it for free or for pay-what-you-want!


Leave me some feedback! I need my daily dose of comments ya know. :P

Thanks for checking it out! I highly appreciate it if you share it btw! Would help me out a lot! :)