Let's hear the not sugar and spice story about Cloudsdale's Weather Facility, which hides some dark secrets...

Weather Facility wasn't a nice place. Pegasi always have make clouds, rainbows and other atmospheric phenomenon. It was a place where little colorful fillies vanished. They were pushed inside and nopony heard about them since then. But still, when you enter deep enough into that cursed place, you still can hear their voices - crying, shouting, begging; suspended souls between wakefulness and sleep, between life and death...


Zecora finished her story and looked at three fillies, who were trembing with fear.
She smiled a little.
"But, my fillies, no fear", she said. "That story is not real".

Funfact: that track originally was planned as vocal track with Replacer voices, but... that didn't happen :P

This album contains the 5 tracks of the "Voices" story: Intro, Machine For Ponies, Pegasus Device, Lost and Cold and Suspended (Between Wakefulness and Sleep).
I have also added Machine For Ponies track without the intro, I Try My Best to Block Out the Screams, and the preview track of that album and short music story "The Truth about little Dashie" where she discovers that she's not real...

Buyers will receive more! 3 more bonus tracks are waiting for you, including the demo of a brand-new tune! Hope you'll like them :)

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NOTE: I've notice I made a typo in one track on free download zip file. Lost Souls is Lost and Cold. My bad.

Voices of the Dead cover Design: AeliosZero and Sunrise: nicolasdominique.devia...

Video made by Sunrise: sunrisemlp.deviantart.com