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Hey everypony and all you bronies! This here's Pencil Eraser and Applebloom, and we're here to give ya'll a very special treat! Thanks for watching!

This song is many firsts for me: my first song under this alias, my first song under this style (a unique blend of post-hardcore, synthpop, and pop punk) and my first time using the programs to sequence/mix the song and put together the PMV to go along with it.

Special thanks to princewhateverer and ISMBOF for their support, advice, and for inspiring me with their awesome work! You guys are ponycore legends!


I stopped biding my sense of welfare
I sacrificed all these years to get here
Holding onto the hope that somewhere
My life would be clear

Don't blame my lack of direction
I've found myself
I spent more time on reflection
Than I tell myself

Scootaloo, you say you've spread your wings
You're off to a brand new start
For you, it always seems that
Nothing falls apart

Sweetie Belle, you've got raw talent
We all know that you'll go far
But every year, it's getting harder
To tell where you even are

Where did time fly?
It will never be as simple as, simple as was before
I can't rely
On the shield that I call innocence, innocence anymore

I dropped by the apple harvest
I stuck out like a red-nosed reindeer
The only one with no sign of progress
I swear I'd have this year


Applejack, you say you know what's best
Always looking out for the farm
Back then and still today, it's like
I initiate a call to arms

Big Mac, you're single-minded
Not everything is yes or no
You think that red is always green
And that when I say stop, you go


Don't let me down
I won't strike out again
Far from this town
Is where I will begin

To bring myself
To sacrifice each and every dream
I had

Of baking treats
Selling apples, ziplining over a stream

I'm tired of waiting for
A chance to shine
A chance to breathe again

Why can't I see?
Far from this town
Is where I will begin


This song is for all the people who know who they are and what they want to do but just haven't been able to make those things come true for whatever reason.

I wrote this song earlier this year while in my last year of college. I had just gone back to my hometown for winter break and caught up with friends and family. Everyone knew what they were doing, their lives and careers were set, and I was in a place where I was unsure of where I would be next year, who I would be with, and what I would be doing. People were concerned for my future and my career. I spent a lot of time thinking about and finally figured out what I wanted to do with my life, but I was beginning to realize just how hard it was to achieve and how far I'd come with nothing to show for it. It was high time I thought of ways to still reach my goals without sticking to the straightforward plan I thought I'd follow.

I also saw myself in Applebloom, especially in her tenacity, her smarts, and her unwillingness to let go of what she wants: a cutie mark. She also knows what she wants but is having a hard time making it happen. And I figured no one had written a song about her yet, so why not?

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