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I hear a lot of murmurings these days. People are concerned about "The State of the Herd" and haters seem to run rampant. The pressure is high and some have taken to leaving the fandom.
There is a lot of negative attention towards us bronies. So I made a battlesong for us to rally under. Not to be taken too literally, though. Armed riots in the streets wouldn't be very Brony-like

Fun Fact: Samples are gathered from the Fox News report on Bronies, some random douche on Youtube and Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Fifth song to make it to EQD!
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Art based on work by SandwichDelta:
Image cobbled together by me

Graphics and effects by FlutterAlex: Go check his work out!
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Free DL:
Sound the alarm we are under attack
The herd's in upheaval the heaven's run black
Fear runs unchecked through our once peaceful flock
Who shall we turn to, who shall be our rock

Stand fast my brothers, for I say to thee
We shall prevail, a new dawn we shall see
We are too strong, we are victims to none
We raise our fists to the heaven as one

We don't give in and we do not back down
We hold the line, we stand our ground
We fly our banners and march, steady on
Ours is a path to be broken by none
We raise our fists to the heaven as one
We hold the line, we stand our ground

The times may be trying, the outlook seem bleak
Your arms may be tired your moral grows weak
But I decree, we shall stand 'gainst the flood
Ours is resolve, wrought in steel, bound in bloodd