A new song that I poured hours upon hours upon hours into.
This is one of the 8 songs that is going to be featured on my upcoming album to help get me to bronycon. Since I really Want to go. only this song will be downloadable here. The rest will be free also but only on my bandcamp. you will all be free to name your own price to help me get to bronycon.

Now for the song info. This song Is for Luna who After Halloween decides To Raise the moon and go out for a midnight stroll through Canterlot all by herself. Having had so much fun during Halloween she figured it would be a good idea. So she wondered around all night enjoying all the flashy lights and everything else her beautiful night had to offer.

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Now for a short story as Written by Kaloyan Alett.
It was a cool autumn night with just the faintest of breezes blowing softly. Luna was heading out of the palace on the advice of her sister. It had only been a few nights since Nightmare Night, when she had discovered that scary things could be as fun as anything else. She smiled as she remembered the kindness of her sister's protege and the smiles of the children. The night hadn't gone quite to plan but it had still turned into one of the most memorable experiences she had ever had.

She stepped out of the castle and looked down the streets of Canterlot at the bright lights flickering in the darkness of her night and smiled. Her nights were no longer so dark as they once were. Ponies had learned to enjoy the dark and bring light to it to make it more bearable to them. The princess of the night felt her heart begin to soar as she trotted happily down one of the main roads, several ponies bowed low to her as she passed, even though she had said many times to the city ponies that such formalities were not needed with her. Luna looked around at the bright glowing lights that lined the roads and lit the shops and homes throughout Canterlot. Children were running and playing, ponies were sitting outside and casually talking. All in the midst of her night.

She felt her heart soaring with joy and pride at the sight. A thousand years ago the streets would have been bare and lifeless. Children would have been hurried inside away from the darkness, doors would have been locked, windows barred shut. Despite all its beauty, all the stars she dotted the skies with, the moon with its silvery light shining on the world, without ponies outside to enjoy it the night Luna brought had always seemed empty.

But now, so many years later, ponies had gained an appreciation for her work. There were vendors outside selling their goods to late in the evening, painters stayed up late to capture her moon and stars on canvas. Fireworks screamed into the sky and drew everypony's attention upwards. to her sky. Her canvas.
Luna leapt into the air and flew high above the city of Canterlot. From this distant vantage point the city looked as beautiful as one of her own stars in the sky. She could look out across all of Equestria now, thee sight she saw brought a tear to the night princess's eye.
All over Equestria lights were flickering to life. In every little village and hamlet, in every cosmopolitan city and suburb throughout the country, ponies were active in her night. No longer was there any fear of her darkness.

In the same way that the powers of Harmony had taken away her nightmare; this glorious light of the ponies own making had freed them of their fear of her night.

Luna drifted back down to the city below, gliding towards the balcony to her sister's room. She alighted softly and trotted inside, unaware of just how wide her smile was now.

"You look rather happy tonight Luna." Said Princess Celestia. "Did you enjoy your night out?"

Luna stole one last glance over her shoulder at the world outside and nodded. "Yes big sister. It is truly the most wonderful of nights."