Has it been two months already? Geez, I need to release more of my stuff to YouTube...

It looks like I have to break my "no two songs of the same genre in a row" streak this time... But wait! I can explain! This song is a improvisation collab between me and none other than the embodiment of brony music improvisation: PONY VISATION himself (I mean, his name even has the "visation" of "improvisation" in it)! What you hear in this video is a product of a joyful "jamming" session. Except for a few very, VERY botched notes, the EQ and panning, and the layering of the transition, nothing is altered in the song.

It's the ultimate showdown between pianist and pianist as each of them battle for the title of KING OF IMPROVISA- wait a second, what the hell am I talking about? No no no, we are not trying to best each other. In fact, the process of improv'ing with Pony Visation seems to be one of fun and games... and magic. There was a sense of connection as he passed the My Little Pony theme towards me, and a bit of playfulness as I passed other MLP songs in his direction. I'd love to improvise with him some more in the future~

The funny part is, the video (especially the art... the damn art...) itself took at least ten times as much time as the music itself. Considering that the amount of time we spent on making the song was about the same length as the freakin' song itself, and considering that I drew that picture myself, it's not hard to see why.

By the way, extra points to people who can catch all the pony themes we threw around!

Much thanks to (of course) Pony Visation himself:

Thanks to Orchestral Design for the EQ, panning, and being a great buddy while I grief over how Kontakt won't export the song correctly:

Download this track on my BandCamp (mp3 and wav and FLAC, oh my):

If that don't work, use my SoundCloud (mp3 320kbps):

And if THAT don't work, use EQBeats (still mp3 320kbps):

=== FAQ ===
Q: How much did you guys practice?
A: Oh we practice our pianos pretty frequently... In terms of what we practiced for this particular song, however, it is next to nothing. We pretty much agreed on a key (C Major), how to transition (whenever one of us ends on the dominant chord - the G major chord - and stays there for a long time~), and had a test run to see if Skype can handle the awesome that is us. After that test run, we directly recorded this.

Q: Wait hold on... Skype?
A: Yes... Skype. Because of latency, we couldn't do a proper jamming session where both of us are playing at the same time. That's why we had to decide on a key and method of transition and everything. But hey, it worked in the end~ Skype may be a big DERP sometimes, but it's like the lovable derp that gets the job done.

Q: Why are there ponies in the picture?
A: Because we have OCs and because ponies. That there on the right is Pony Visation's OC, that there on the left is mine. I call my OC "Muse". PonyVisation calls his "Superliner" - a type of passenger car for the American railroad called Amtrak. He loves trains~