Ok so w/o a midi or stems pretty hard to do a remix but i did a deep house remix of relooping the original and adding some classic house rhythms to it. Eq'ing was a bit hellish and would have loved the flexibility of having stems but ultimately i made the track that i wanted in the first place (a danceable deep house track from an SGAP original). Anyway this was a great project to be involved with and I love SGAP's original and his music hence I wanted to be a part in launching this tribute where a lot of us also felt the same way. I hope that people enjoy the album (Sori 52) we made as i think he's the most creative artist in the fandom. Here's the non-pmv for those who prefer it (or demand a pony image on any youtube they click). Enjoy.

PMV version of this track is here. www.youtube.com/watch?...

Get the album for FREE here including this track: sgaptribute.blogspot.com/
All the music and art is amazing so i hope you check it out. Get it in hq mp3 or lossless.

SGAP Pony Artwork (i like her mane!!) shotadeer.deviantart.c... with permission. Dat's one sexy pony. XD