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So this day (2nd of July) is my birthday and i decided to rush up my project to finish it till today and i did but with terrible consequences XD. Anyways... I want to thank you all for enjoying my made music, all those who bought my very first EP and all those who simply love to enjoy everything. This song is a gift for all of you (sorry if it's a little "burnt up"). Yeah... I'm a bit late with upload because it's already 3rd of July (sorry a bit tired). So yeah as i mentioned earlier this song is a true gift for all of you who have been with me for all this time and mabye even more of you in future. A small cake that i want to share with everyone who enjoy this werid and in the same time awesome life. We live only once (no YOLO :D ) and everyone lives his life in a different way so be happy, be cheerful and don't let anyone take that happyness away from you (oh i tried so hard to do that XDDDDD ). Anyways... enjoy summer fellas ^.^ Taste the cake XD

And here is long waited download link of the song:

The one and only - FluffyKittyMusic made me visuals and also makes amazing msuic. I demand you to visit his channel for some amazing tunes :

Total time spent on project: 19 hours 27 minutes

-Enjoy this bright and sunny season of the year !