Following a string of failed experiments, Twilight is beginning to lose faith in her abilities. Her experiments, the things that have brought her the most joy in the past, no longer bring happiness, and instead bring feelings of inferiority and depression.

However, during one of Twi's infamous nights of insomnia, she notices a constellation in the night sky that she had never even read about, much less studied or observed. Filled with childlike wonder and reminded of her astronautical interest, she finds her dusty telescope and mounts it, determined to solve this new mystery in front of her.

So I've been away for a while. Not because of any preoccupations, I've just been depressed. Life hasn't necessarily been easy for me recently, and as a result every time I'd open FL I would just close it; I hadn't felt the music or the urge to create it in a while. However, due to the help of some amazing friends (you all know who you are, whether you know how you helped or not), I'm back at it! Have a piece of chill calmness turned sugar-infused video game music, all on me ;).

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