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So it begings! The Winningverse Month has started along with the first track from my upcomming album "Winning". Yeah, I'm now a big fan of that series so I made a few tracks to honor these awesome ponies created by Chengar Qordath. You can read the fanfic here: www.fimfiction.net/sto...
If you didn't do it so far, DO IT NOW! You won't be disappointed.

Album contains 9 tracks in trance, electronic and chillout genre. All of them are dedicated to ponies from Chengar's fanfic. And don't worry, you won't find here any spoilers.



So here you have the second track - this time dedicated to white and flexible pegasi called Blossomforth. Well, she's shy and very red when she hears Cloud Kicker's lines, but she can kick really hard - not only the clouds, Fluttershy knows something about it ;p If you don't know what I mean, just read the fanfic.
Anyway, her friendship with Cloud Kicker ain't easy, but even if she's mad at her (which happens A LOT), she's her - I guess - the most faithful friend.

AND NO BANGING, CLOUD KICKER! NOT COOL! (unless lemonade...)


MIDI: bit.ly/12PvJTw
MP3 - bit.ly/12PnUgG
WAV - sdrv.ms/15GPaSJ
CD COVER - i.imgur.com/aEFxzVa.png

ART made by Gearholder: fav.me/d68mb2o