Have you ever heard about pegasus device?


And I don't mean that silly machine you may know from Weather Factory facility which is converting poor and weak pegasi into spectrum. No... that thing is creepier. Oridinary ponies don't even know it exists. But they always wondered, why some ponies just disappear without a trace? This is the reason. Ground facility of pegasus ponies to extract magic from weak or poor ponies, or to extract spectrum from the colorful one. Because, you know, that tale isn't quite as nice as the story we knew of sugar and spice.

This album contains the 5 tracks of the "Voices" story: Intro, Machine For Ponies, Pegasus Device, Lost and Cold and Suspended (Between Wakefulness and Sleep).
I have also added Machine For Ponies track without the intro, I Try My Best to Block Out the Screams, and the preview track of that album and short music story "The Truth about little Dashie" where she discovers that she's not real...

Buyers will receive more! 3 more bonus tracks are waiting for you, including the demo of a brand-new tune! Hope you'll like them :)

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Download the EP: nn.lv/p54

Video, background and effects made by my friend Sunrise: sunrisemlp.deviantart.com

Vocal credits in order of appearance:
- Nick Pavlovski
- WoodenToaster (modified phraze "Pegasus Device" from Rainbow Factory) -- www.youtube.com/user/W...
- Charlenka
- Lon McGregor
- Wozza
- Meredith Sims -- www.youtube.com/user/E...