INB4 Someone says about my glitching or my snare drum: Spiderman.mp4

And yeah... for the months of waiting I finally finished this one. But to be honest it could had come a bit better but I am fairly happy about it. I never done this kind of genre before. I think It's around something Glitch/EDM kinda thing, not really what but atleast it's something.

This was supposed to be a collab with General Mumble but after waiting for you know how many months. I decided to give this a go by myself and here is the results.

I hope I have not let you down because I certainly think I am, the hype and the long wait has made this really hard project for me to keep up with the stantards.

But the bottom line is that I hope you enjoy it.


Big "Waddups" for Dori-to to work hard on the cover album despite working hard on his personal art also! He is surely an artist to check out, so do so and also tell that Tei said hi!

Dorito's dA Page:


Total Project Time:
11 Hours 57 Minutes



Composer: TeiThePony


Original art by

Download the songcover here:


Typography by TeiThePony:


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