Thanks a million to Somniis for the video, he is a great guy and is incredibly talented, I can't thank him enough

He also helped me with the fine details of the song

Somniis's Channel:


BPM: 140

Get it here:

Genre: Alternative something or other

Time Took to make: 25 - 30 hours


FL Studio 12

============Plugins used============

Random Sample/sound packs

Fruity Limiter
Fruity Reverb
Fruity Delay 2
Fruity Parametric EQ 2

THANKS FOR WATCHING/LISTENING! Hope you liked it! (please, give feedback, it helps immensely)

Love You Guys! Hoof-Bump? /)

go support Somniis, he is a good guy and deserves your attention, GO NOW MY PEOPLE! ONWARD!

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