- Wayward Moon

"It does not matter who we are, where we come from, and where we are heading; In the end, we are all children of the moon and sun, and must look aside our diffrences. So sit down by the fire, and share your stories with us this night.
For our quest can wait until dawn."

This is the 8th theme that I have composed for the RPG game "Adventure of the Lunarbolts" which DarthEquus is making. This is a theme for when the members of the team settles down to relax for the night and try to know each other better.

I will be making more to aid him in his hard work. Feel free to check it out!

Download here!

Background by the talented "BonesWolbach":

I must also thank my great friend Dasdeer for giving me a lot of great constructive criticism on this one:

Fire animation and minor visuals made by me in After Effects and Photoshop :)