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I like nightmaremoon i really do second to none i am in between octavia and Nightmaremoon in favourites i cant pick one, however i saw this picture and i just wondered if you were in the halls of the night your self in this situation alone, how would it sound like if it had an sound? so today i buckled down and wanted to make something again to tackle this atmospheric sound one more time now that i have gotten a bit better and learned a few things and i have been wanting to complete one of these atmospheric ones for a while now.
And i would like to continue doing them.

People say a picture says a thousand words but if you add music to it, it says much much more.

I hope you enjoyed listening as i enjoyed making this piece and so far personally i am very satisfied with this outcome and i hope everyone else are as well.

Thanks to all the people who subbed hope your life's are going well and if they are not i hope the tide changes for the better!