RE UPLOAD! I was heavily intoxicated when I did the previous version and that was supposed not to be the audio which should had been uploaded

Ok... Let's try this again!

Ok! So! I never have done anything for my fellow people so I had this idea of making a cool'ish Berry Punch track for them! After my first name suggestion for the track was shot down "Can you drink up the Milkyway?" I had a brilliant idea call the track "Berry Nova" If Berry could fly, what kind of Sonic Berry Boom she could do?

And yes The track is highly influenced by the other Berry Punch Space Trance track, what eves!

I hope you enjoy!

ALSO A BIG THANKS FOR MY GRAPHICAL ARTIST by the name of: "MelancholyPalette" Go give her a warm shout-out melancholypalette.devi... /)^3^(\ And she said this was too cartoony for our taste!


Total Project Time:
10 hours. 48 mins



Composer: TeiThePony


Original art by MelancholyPalette:


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Or you will make Berry Punch sober =( *sad face*!


Remix Files:
(coming Soon)




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