What is this? A new song? And it has a PMV? Yeah, I can't believe it either. Feels great to finally release something new (and free, for a change)!

Let's call this the 668 subscriber special. :D This song was born months ago when I was feeling overwhelmed by a bunch of things going on, and just decided to put everything on hold for a second and try to make an ambient song. Since it happened around the time when I reached 500 subscribers, I thought I'd make a short, simple ditty to celebrate the occasion. "I'll make it very simple, very minimalistic", I said. "It won't take longer than a week", I said. Then I spent the following two months on sound design.

But anyway yeah, 168 subscriber later, it's here, and it's for you! I know that I'm very detached from you guys for the most part, offering only distant "thank you"s and then silence for months, but really, whenever I see any of you comment on my songs, or subscribe to this channel, or follow me on tumblr, or like a post I make over there, or my facebook page, or anything, I just feel like baking you your favourite cake and eating it while we watch your favourite movies, and then shower you in confetti because you're just too awesome and I love you so much. Really, thanks a million for your support and your love, it's something I keep very close to my heart. You're the best. C:

I might end up taking the SGAP route and unlist this thing after a few weeks, then it can be like our own little secret! We'll see. Besides, let's face it, this song is kind of a dud. In spite of that, I still wanted to give it to you. After all, it's the intent that matters, right? RIGHT? But seriously, in the end, though it may not amount to much, I'll still give you all I've got. ;)

EDIT: yeah, who am I kidding, I ain't unlisting this any time soon. That would just be dumb.

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro, Find a Pet was written by Daniel Ingram.


So I thought I could be strong
Swore that I would nevermore
Be blinded by the radiance of dreams
Where I belong in the air
Should have kept my hooves on the ground

Little friends,
the void is stretching wide again
It's time to count the casualties
Left from the clash between what is
And what could have been

I feel the air pulled from under my wings
Two shots of laughter and the feathers disappear
An icy sculpture plummets towards the ground
Its crash unheard over the crowd's roar

A tiny voice by the impact site says
"Pick yourself up
only you can turn things around"

"Somepony I know once told me
It's not over until someone gives up"
I know, I said that
"All you need is faith,
just a little faith in you"
I'll keep on saying pretty words I don't believe
It's hard to say who I'm deceiving anymore
"How can you not care?"
I'm not sure I can, I might not-
"Forget about the 'I's,
you're above this twisted game"
I'm not coming down again
I won't be pinned down

Wake up among bodies wasting away
A thousand efforts gone astray
How could I forget that I'm fixed
A story stuck on repeat
Useless, little, frail, never here

Funnel the life to where life should flow
Collect your wings and make it so
Feed from the ground to feed the sky
Gather your numbers, make it so
Axis of mistakes breaks you apart
Collect again, must make it so
Add up your numbers
Add them until you realize you can't make it so

It may not amount to much
Still I'll give you all I've got

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