After a big while, I finally managed to finish this song. Yay ! And thanks for all the support /)

Download link :

So this Honestly, a theme song for Applejack, my 5 of the 6 songs I've planed for the mane 6. (I'll try to start the last one as soon as possible). I originally planned to have a country-ish style for the song, but I had some trouble in figuring how to do it in a chiptune song, because I always switched into a jazzy/blues depressing theme. I later switched to this rocky joyful theme.

It took me about 17 hours to complete this song. As always it is created in FL studio, with custom presets for Sytrus I created, and a gameboy soundfont for the drums available here :

Video created in After Effects, Applejack's cutie mark by BlackGryph0n here :

Featured on Equestira Daily music of the day :