It's about Scootaloo and FoE, mostly chapter 29. Sorry for everything that wrong.

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The image on the photo card by klaxa


staring every day of life which I have left so few
I hope for your return, I'm waiting here for only you
and if you will return, I say, looking into your eyes
"you're still my hero, could it be otherwise?"

I've tried to be strong, but I just can't anymore
the air poisoned my lungs, but my soul is poisoned more
I have become the villain of the piece like i once said
I'm justly on the ground, in this land of ash and dead.

and i will wait for you without a doubt
until my last breath will not leave my snout
i'll gaze onto the sky
with streaming eyes
hoping again to see you fly
rejected by all except for me
you're not alone, i hope, you'll see.
there is nothing left worthwhile to live
but i'll be waiting
i'm still believing

do you remember the times when everything was all right
i was a little filly, the world was so kind and bright
but then I grew up and the world has also grown with me
everything has changed, but I was too blind to see

life was a fairytale, and now we're missing all those times
I buried them in sins. and on your conscience there are crimes
Now it does not matter, everything's faded away
This long and senseless war is over in a single day

closed by that cloudy sky
the end of pegasi
the end of equestria
the end of you and i...

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