Happy new year everypony!

First song for 2014 yay, so I really hope you guys enjoy this one! :D
Since the episode Flight to the Finish, Scootaloo has become such an interesting character to me that I decided to do another song that is focused on her and her big idol Rainbow Dash.

The song is like a mix of the end of Sleepless in Ponyville when Rainbow Dash decides to take her under her wings and Flight to the Finish where she has to face the fact that she still isn't able to fly and probably wont be able to do it.

I wanted to do a mix of her motivation about having her idol caring about her and her frustration about her self not being able to fly. I hope I kinda got this right ;)

As always with free download on my Soundcloud page: goo.gl/pj1qcd

TABS: goo.gl/2UtqUP

So, have a nice start of 2014 and I hope you like what I've prepared for the new year ;)