ITS BACK! I really felt the need to go back and re-do one of my oldest tracks, and I hope you guys will like the changes!

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Amazing visuals by this guy

He is the coolest of beans.

Original song by Psychgoth here:

Also, this is a fan-song of the FanFic 'My Roommate is a Vampire' by DennisTheMenace. This fic is still awesome!

I have not seen her eyes...
Or does she hide them?
Her flesh has not seen the sun...
Or would it harm her?

Such a mystery...
A curiosity
Is she the same mare I've come to know?

Octavia my dear, of this you must stay very clear.
You keep digging you'll find the answers,
but then can you take on the monsters?

She's very inquisitive...
It's kind of annoying!
But she can't know the secret...
It would destroy her!

Please don't follow me...
I cannot let you see
Please Octy listen to me,
Stay away!
(repeat break)

Oh my goodness, it's true! They exist
I can't fight it, can't resist!
Now I've bitten, now I'm smitten,
As we play one tune...
On every full moon...