Again, I apologize for not uploading more let's plays right now. I have not quit the Xcom LP, it's just a combination of me being a lazy bum and some technical issues with the video editing.

Anyway, a couple of weeks back I uploaded the first two minutes of this song, asking for feedback. The feedback I got was awesome, and this is the end result. I might still do some changes to it, so don't be alarmed if this one disappears of YouTube, I'll replace it with a new version.

The songs in the medley are:
The Main Theme
Winter Wrap Up
At the Gala

Art used:

Sunrise in Equestria by CosmicUnicorn (

Winter is Coming by Niddeh (

Pinkie in the Sky by Psychoanalytic (

Spike and Twilight Sparkle: At the Gala by 8bitamy (

Sunset bis by Braukoly (