People still read me! Yay!!

So this is how this happened.
Me: "Hey, what Glaze song should I cover?"
Sarcastic Friend: "ALL OF THE GLAZE SONGS."
See if I ever listen to him again, cheeky asshole.

And yes, I know Tysolin did one of these a while back, his was epic, GO CHECK IT OUT.
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Beyond Her Garden 0:00 -1:01 -
Rainbow Factory 1:01 - 2:08
Nightmare Night 2:08 - 3:03
Love Me Cheerilee 3:03 - 4:19 -
Awoken 4:19 - 5:29
Lost on the Moon 5:29 - 6:27
Fruits of her Labour 6:27 - 7:48
Carrot top, go beyond us
You're a late star, time to fool us
Keep your friends close, they're what drive you
To the cosmos that describes you

Now a rainbow's tale isn't quite as nice
As the story we knew of sugar and spice
But a rainbow's easy once you get to know it
With the help of the magic of a pegasus device

Let's delve deeper into rainbow philosophy
Far beyond that of Cloudsdale's mythology
It's easy to misjudge that floating city
With it's alluring decor and social psychology

In the Rainbow Factory, where your fears and horrors come true
In the Rainbow Factory, where not a single soul gets through

Welcome Fillies and Gentlecolts; No reason to scream
Your favorite Princess is back; She's walkin' up on the scene
She has been stuck on the moon, but that's no reason to fret
She's not a Nightmare no more, so buckle down and get set
She's comin'; Gracin' her subjects. She ain't leavin' no choice
Gonna blow you all back with her Equestrian Voice
Cover all of your fears, stowe away all your fright
The Lunar Princess is back; to bring the Nightmares Tonight

She's living in the past
so you won't last
Without the proper care

With a royal farewell
And an animate spell
You won't have long to prepare

Hey Cheerilee Hey Cheerilee
I'm afraid to raise my hand
I have something to ask you
cause I want to understand

It's not about homework
it's about 1 + 1 is 2
I don't want you to teach me
I just want to be with you

Hey Cheerilee Cheerilee
Hey Cheerilee Cheerilee
Hey Cheerilee Cheerilee
I think I'm in love with you

What cause have I to feel glad?
I've built my life on judgement and causing pain
I don't know those eyes I see in the bloodstained chrome
Now everything that I've had
And everything I've known have been thrown away;
And with time, I've come to find this isn't my home

I've stoked the fire
Seen more pain than you can know
The tears of the broken have washed away my soul
Pushed by desire
To change the way my stream will flow
Now I've awoken, and I'm taking back control

I try my best to block out the screams
But they're haunting me in my dreams
Please, break my shackles and let it stop

Saying goes that when you're stuck on a mountain
You try to go up, you try to go down, you turn around
To face a wall so you can face yourself
realizing you've made a mistake

And you are being stuck on the moon
like the rest of us, trying to make sense of it
crying cause we don't have any reason
we're alone together, cause we all
share the very same crime

So together we are all lost on the moon
We all share our home on the moon, we
forever we are lost on the moon, together
we pay your crime on the moon

Sun is shining down on this country land,
time is right the sun is bright the growth at her command
Dig every hole place every seed to grow the orchard strong
water carefully and nothing will go wrong

Cherry Jubilee
Look out onto the field and see
The fruits of your labour sprout in perfect array
Green stems harden into brown
Roots take hold in the ground
To bring smiles to those close and away