~two stars shine tonight~

Really hard to imagine what it's like for Applejack to have to take care of her family without her parents. Heck, it must be hard on all of the Apples, though I've often wondered whether Apple Bloom ever really knew her parents.

Regardless, Applejack being one of my favorite characters, I was looking forward to writing a song about her. ER originally sent me the instrumental not knowing what the song should be about, but if I recall, he made a joke about Applejack, and I declared right then and there that this would be an AJ song *shot* XP

Electro-BLITZ also joined in on the fun by singing on the track alongside me, and we finished the track up about a week or so ago for the "Lycan Dese Beats - Beats Me!" album that my friend Lycan and I organized.

You can find the radio show "Lycan Dese Beats" (hosted by myself and Lycan) here, as well as the new Beats Me album: canterlothill.com/ldb/

Hope you enjoy this sad little tune about AJ~


Vocals and Lyrics by FritzyBeat

Instrumental by Eclipsing Rainbows:

Additional Vocals by Electro-BLITZ:
www.youtube.com/user/E... (main channel)
www.youtube.com/channe... (alt. Channel)

Additional mixing and mastering by µThunder:

Art by Balloons504:


Download MP3:

Lycan Dese Beats Album download:


Vocal Stems:
-Coming soon!-



I will search for you
till the skyline ends
and I will stay for you
till the nightlight's spent

the stars will shine again
and Luna's sky will mend
the pain I cannot end
so I'll wait till you
come home again

my heard longs for them
though all my tears are spent
so I won't cry for them
and lift my head instead

come home again

two stars shine tonight
they are so bright
two stars shine tonight
they give me light


Special note for all you description readers: There is a brand new unreleased collab with µThunder on the Lycan Dese Beats album about a certain S5 mythical beast. The song won't be uploaded to youtube for a few more days, so if you want to hear it early than be sure to get the album.

- ( FritzyBeat ) -