Glaze has got Carrot Top, ThatSonOfaMitch has Colgate, and Acoustic Brony has Applejack; so I decided that I needed to make a song about my favorite background pony and claim her as my own!

And of course the greatest pony is Lyra.

And this is the song I wrote about her.

I wrote this one towards the beginning of the summer and was mainly inspired by listening to a bunch of early All American Rejects albums. I finally got some art recently from Desi Muffins so I could post it!

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Verse 1:
Hey I just wanted to say
When I'm with you life's okay
The one thing I love to do
Is spend all my time with you
Your voice is soft as autumn leaves
When you're around me I can't breathe
Yeah you mean everything to me
Your magic skills are far from great
But your music leaves my mouth agape
There's nowhere else I'd rather be

And now I know
The way you smile it makes your face just glow
And I'll let you know, I'll never let you go
And leave you here heart broken and alone
Yeah, the thought of that just makes my heart sting
Now, I'll find a way to show my love somehow
I'll write this song so I can sing it loud
So you can know just what you are to me
You're a melody played on my heartstrings

Verse 2:
Yes you have changed my worldview
My ponyville dream come true
Still I don't know just why you
Want me to stay here with you
Compared with you I'm just a creep
But your voice and style make you unique
You know nopony could compare
But there's one thing we can agree
That when we sing in harmony
The world just wants to stop and stare


Your golden eyes entrap me, they surround me
My mind can't comprehend the things that I see
You know we'll always be together you and me