A great empire of brilliant crystal shines brightly for all to see.
Radiance is but casual; elegance is abundant.
Many questions surround this ancient place, but the real mysteries lie hidden deep within for the few that dare to look further.

This.......this was random.
I mean, I actually wanted to do a theme for mirror pond, but the song suggested something a bit more open, and I didn't want to change it up.
It's got a bit of a slow start, but the flow of the rest of the song came out well (to me).

I'm saving up for more instruments to use (ProjectSAM Orchestral Essentials or Symphobia); donations are greatly appreciated, and I promise, my first song with those instruments will be totally free (and my second one probably will be, too) =3
After all, I couldn't have gotten this far without you guys supporting me, and I'm thankful for what you guys have already contributed.
Hope you all enjoy.

Download link: