First Collab With Silver Note, Ready For some Heavy dirty wobble techno dubstep XD (spécial dédicace Mijka)

Spotlighted On EqD =D :


Watch out,
Inside my machine,
The network is on fire,
Cut the cable, pull the plug,
I fear it's too late,

In cyber space, where to begin,
The day and the night, they start to blend in,
I can't get no sleep, no I can't get no rest,
Addicted to you, it's true I confess.
They don't understand, they never will,
I love what I love, and time stands still,
It's more than a show, I'm more than a fan,
It's dragging me in, this is where it began.

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Pixel Art By SquareHead , Background Sprite - Dragon Ball Z : Super butoden

Song licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0: (free - have fun!)