UPDATE (12/24/12): Thanks SO MUCH to EqD for featuring this song in their Spotlight Vocal Music today: www.equestriadaily.com... ! That is more than I could ever ask for, and it seriously made my Christmas Eve. You guys are awesome, and keep up the amazing work! A special shoutout to Sethisto for liking the video as well :D.
I never expected this to get so popular and so well-liked, let alone featured. Honestly, maybe I should have expected it, given that it's a Blink-182 parody. But I didn't. So to all of you who've watched, liked, commented, subscribed, from whether you just came for this video to whether you've followed me since day 1: THANK YOU ALL! And to ISMBOF, dude, you freaking made this happen. I salute you.

Lyrics and Vocals: Pencil Eraser (www.youtube.com/user/P...
Mixing: ISMBOF (www.youtube.com/user/I...
Instrumental and Original Music: Blink-182 (www.youtube.com/user/b...

While I was knee-deep in finals last week, I checked out some of Blink-182's new EP (which you should too, at www.youtube.com/watch?... and then some of their old stuff. The classic and possibly underrated "Aliens Exist" came on from Enema of the State, and for some reason, I knew I had to cover it pony style (cue Rarity's "IDEAAAA!"). Originally, I wanted to do "Ponies Exist" but decided that "Bronies Exist" would give me more material and hit a little closer to home with more personal relevance and inspiration. I attempted to mix this one myself, but ISMBOF came to my rescue again with his amazing skills. Thanks so much for the help, bro! Anyway, hope you all enjoy!

Basically, I made this to celebrate an epic year of pony (BRONY 2012!) and the release of Blink-182's new EP! Happy holidays, and see you all next year!

PS I am working hard on two songs now, one of which you've heard a preview already (if not, check it out here: www.youtube.com/watch?... I leave town for two weeks starting tomorrow and won't be able to work on them in the interim, but the way things are going, I may have them done sometime January, fingers crossed :X
PPS Ignore the long ending with the bad cover art I spent too long making but am proud of anyway. I wanted it as the thumbnail, and making it show up at the end for a long time was the only way to make that work.

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Twilight Late Night Studying by latecustomer: latecustomer.deviantar...
A sad Scootaloo playing Electric Bass Guitar by TetraPony: tetrapony.com/post/329...
Waiting Room Ponies by Darkkon13: darkkon13.deviantart.c...
MY FRICKIN AWESOME OC by KonobiKun: konobi.deviantart.com/...

Hey man, there's something in the server
I hope it's not the ponies from the Hub
You used to link me stories
Music and memes to lure me
We all thought this show looked really dumb

What if people knew this show was cool
I'd leave a stream of ponies on all night
I know that Howard Stern would say
All these guys are really gay
I wish someone could make them see what's right

Up all night long
Writing my next great pony song
And I know that I must wait
The next ep Saturday
We like MLP
We like pony

I am still a brony, yes you know me
A fan of Faust and Strong since I was nine
I got an injection
Of love and toleration
RickSatan thinks we should all just die

All right

Up all night long
Writing my next great pony song
And I know that I must wait
The next ep Saturday
We like MLP
We like pony

Weird man baby, furry maybe, explanation, cult sensation
I can show ya Equestria
Where is Derpy? Fan fave pony

Up all night long
Writing my next great pony song
And I know that I must wait
The next ep Saturday
We like MLP
Check out my OC

This is basically a brony/pony parody of "Aliens Exist" by Blink-182. I tried to throw in as many references (mostly bad but also good) as I could that exist in the fandom and about the fandom. In a nutshell: Bronies exist- deal with it, haters.

(All characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are copyright to Hasbro and the Hub. "Aliens Exist," on which this song is a parody, is owned by and copyright to Blink-182 and EMI Music Publishing).