Track 06: 'The Long Road Home' Soundtrack

After a year in the works, I think I'm finally done tinkering with this one. I've put more hours into this piece than any other by a factor of ten. Tell your friends, tell your family, and tell your enemies too! I'd appreciate the chance to take this one all the way to EQD

Download it for free here:

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Hope it gets you excited for chapter nine! Lyrics are below:

Savor each breath now, and try not to remember,
How the sky was alight with glowing embers!
There is only one that I can really trust:
She rules this land of evil, of ash and rust and...

I walk in fear, but I do not walk alone,
Down these streets of rusted steel and stone,
The air is still and the sky is gray and cold,
Just one more step, and a dead land behold,
I never asked, but it demanded me,
A spear-pole jammed into the fam’ly tree,
Forevermore welcome, and here to stay,
Ash blows in the wind on this lovely day!

Husks of towers grasp the sky, left behind by fate,
Their silence solemn, empty now, as they lonely wait,
And yet it feels as if something follows close,
Only my steps echo now; just another ghost,
Far too long has it been since here a mortal tread,
The silence of these screaming souls fills my heart with dread,
They reach out oh so pleadingly, and I hurry on,
Their graves will linger here long after I am gone.

I thought I was headed for glory and splendor,
Seems I'll have to settle for survivor and contender,
I know just where I'll be, when the hammer falls,
Still standing, still alive -- above it all.
I was so sure that my life wouldn't end here,
But that's just a fond dream to remember,
Is there anyone I can really trust,
In this land of evil, of ash and rust and dust?