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Title: Home - Jeff Burgess (ft. EileMonty & MEMJ0123)

Video Description

My new album "Horse Friend" is now available!!! jsburgh.bandcamp.com/a...

★ check the description ★

So I spent six months working on this one. Here's a duet between Celestia and Luna, as they're separated by what seems like endless time and space. It features EileMonty & MEMJ0123 (awesome voice actresses, check 'em out!) Hope you enjoy!

★ download ★
I no longer have downloads available of most of my old pony songs. I have a free rar file available which contains almost every pony song I made in .mp3 format (as many as I have now!) I hope this pleases you: www.mediafire com/download/mbmo9b921d2k614/jbponysongs.rar

- instrumental: www.mediafire.com/?8mw...
- a cappella www.mediafire.com/file...

★ credits ★
Composition: Jeff Burgess
Luna: EileMonty (youtube.com/EileMontyVA)
Celestia: MEMJ0123 (youtube.com/MEMJ0123)

Premiered on Celestia Radio 1/23/13 with DJ Calcos.
Follow them at ponify.me or CelestiaRadio!

EqD 1/25: www.equestriadaily.com...

Like the art in the video? Me too! That's why I put it there! Give your lovings to cuttycommando.deviantart.com who gave me permission to use it!
(I did the BG and text, though. If you have a thing for text, give ME your lovings.)
LINK: cuttycommando.devianta...

★ on the web ★
- bandcamp: jsburgh.bandcamp.com
- twitter: www.twitter.com/jsburgh
- personal blog: jsburgh.tumblr.com/

★ lyrics ★
It's so lonely on the moon
I hope that I can come home soon
Will it be the same when I return?
I know there's a lesson I have learned

Why does the night no more inspire?
As I raise the sun, I start to tire
I long for you to be with me
But there are things that cannot be
And it takes some time away to see

And I've spent half my life waiting for your call
Why do I feel I don't belong anywhere at all?

When I come home and see you again
I'm gonna bring the night as my oldest friend
I'm gonna stay with you, and won't repeat mistakes
I no longer want to roam I'll do whatever it takes
To come home

There once lived in me a great fire
But it's been cooled by overwhelmed desire
There's a crater but it's just bone deep
And it deepens every time I sleep

I've spent a thousand years wishing on a star
I feel so close but I've never been so far

Why can't I tell you you were right all along?
Why must I forge a tragic plight with my song?
Why can't we meet between the moon and the sun?
Why must the sun shine when the night is done?

When you come home and see me again
I'm gonna welcome you as my oldest friend
I'm gonna stay with you, and won't repeat mistakes
I don't wanna be alone, I'll do whatever it takes
To bring you home

It's so lonely on the moon
I hope that I can come home soon
For a coming sunset I will yearn
The longest day will end and I will return

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