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This is my music dedication to all bronies who were at GalaCon. You were epic there! Shame I couldn't be here. So... have that little track. It's my gift to you.

And... Peter New was just oatmeal xD He won the internets.
As same as the crew from PonyvilleLive. Dancing Plushies! ^^

Anyway, why I used JanAnimations' Meow? Because it appeared suddenly just after his interview and it was funny as hell xD

DOWNLOAD: nicolasdominique.bandc...

GalaCon Logo taken from Derpy Hooves News: www.derpyhoovesnews.co...
Plushies: fallenpeach.deviantart...

Meow - made by JanAnimation (taken from his video Everything You Need to Know)
Voices from EpicLPer's GalaCon 2013 in a nutshell.
Voices and Peter New's voice from a video taken by Swissbronies.